Step 1: Install Emsigner on Your Computer

To download Emsigner/ Document Signer Installer on your computer, you can Click Here and follow the installation wizard to install Emsigner on your computer.

Step 2: Install Java on your computer

You can download Java on your computer by visiting the downloads section of the Java website.

Once you have downloaded and installed the file on your system, you must set a path.
To set a path, go to My Computer and right-click on This PC. From the drop-down menu, selectProperties. 
  Next, click on Advanced System Settings >Environment Variable.

On the System Variable tab, click on New and copy paste the following:

  1. Variable Name: JAVA_HOME
  2. Variable Value: (C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_161)

Once done, click OK.

Step 3: Sender Email Configuration

Sign in to your Gmail Account and click on My Account (Near the Logout Button). Here, go to Sign-in and Security.

Next, change Allow less secure apps to ON.

Step 4: Sign any document

  • Select the document to sign

Note: Only PDF files in the selected folder can be signed

  • Select the folder where you wish to save the signed documents

Tip: You may create a new folder here

  • Select your DSC or Signed image
  • Select the manner of signing i.e. DSC or image based
  • Select a signing template
  • Click on ‘Start Signing Now’
  • Enter the password of DSC used to sign the documents
  • Your signing process will start here.
  • The documents will be signed and saved in the output folder created by you in step- 2.

Step 5: Email signed documents

After signing the documents, the signed documents gets saved in the output folder say ‘ABC’. In the same folder you will find a file named ‘signingresults.xlsx’, open this file and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Fill the column named ‘Email Address’ and ‘Recipient Name’ along each signed document
  • Now create a new template for sending emails by clicking on ‘Add new sender details’
  • Provide a name to the template
  • Select the Email Provider like gmail, outlook from the dropdown menu

Note: In case your email ID is a custom Email ID say, select the option ‘Custom’ from the dropdown menu

  • Enter Sender Name and Email ID along with Email password
  • Enter Host Name and Server Port
  • Save the template
  • Enter the subject of the Email
  • Click on ‘Start Email’

Email will be sent to all the recipients mentioned in the signingresults.xlsx file. Any failure will be disclosed in the error report available under ‘Activity Log’ tab.